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I co-founded Shakoolie with my partner in 2011. From a $1k investment, we've created a product topping $250k in annual revenue. From building an ecommerce site to handling assembly and fulfillment to display advertising and customer service, Shakoolie steeps us in all aspects of a growing side-business.

Product Design

Shakoolie started as a very simple offering: one koozie design showcased on a Wordpress page. To our astonishment, they started selling. Since then, we've expanded our product line to offer a variety of designs and have created a process for designing and testing new ideas.

Over time, we noticed Shakoolie's traction as a gift item, so today we gear our designs around occasions for gift-giving. Christmas, Weddings, Mother's Day, Father's Day—we have the perfect Shower Beer Koozie for any gift-giving need.

Design for a Reason

We rarely design random things. We listen to what's going on and to how people talk about Shakoolie. From there we make our best bet on what designs will be successful.

Test and Decide

For new designs we do short runs to see what sticks. When it doesn't work, we move on. This keeps ideas flowing while keeping inventory light.

Effecive Ecommerce Experience

When it comes to our website, we have a simple mission: Make it easy to find what we're selling and make it easy to imagine what you're going to get. Shakoolie is a unique novelty gift that people may not have seen before. Shoppers need to feel like they can become familiar with and ultimately trust the product they buy.

Expose What We Have

The product listing page is designed to emphasize our range of koozie designs—hopefully making it easy for the shopper to narrow down.

Cater to our Mobile Majority

Mobile traffic trumps our desktop traffic. We built the site to make shopping on your phone feel natural.

Show Off the Product

The product page was built as a showroom for our product. Large photos of the koozie and its parts give buyers the visual information they need to feel comfortable with a purchase.

Memorable Shipping Packaging

A customer should be excited when a package arrives. In the beginning, we filled orders in the standard, white poly mailers. Today, however, we've elevated our materials to create a shipping package with personality that stands out from other parcels. We push our bold, blue brand color to instill visual recognition and use the line "Take me to your shower" to remind them what's inside.

Make a Basic Box Less Basic

We transformed cost-effective boxes into branded packages with a little effort on some creative tape.

Add Some Personality

The spirit of our carries through all customer touchpoints. From Shopping to receiving to using. It’s all a part of a customer's experience with your brand.

Stand Out

Our packaging immediate strikes a chord—whether in your mailbox or on your porch.